The Association was started in January of 1992 by a group of residents that wanted to make Heritage Lakes a better community to live in. With financial assistance from Carma Developers, the association drafted bylaws and became a legal non-profit society. The membership dues were set at $20.00 per year, and that amount is still in effect today. The dues go toward organizing Community Events and Activities.

Since we are the only community association in St. Albert, the City has involved us in many of their upgrades to Heritage Lakes. Our association was active in surveying the residents when the first playground was installed in our community. The hockey rink was built with funding partially procured by the association.

We also met with City officials regarding the General Municipal Plan and were instrumental in rezoning Heritages Lakes West from commercial to residential zoning. The HLCA has also supported initiatives such as Neighbourhood Watch, the Block Parent program, and a baby-sitting registry for those who are unable to find baby-sitters.

Over the years the community association has also organized a variety of social events for both adults and children. Past activities have included Fun Money casinos and dances, family swim events, skating and tobogganing parties, sleigh rides, family bowling nights, and neighbourhood garage sales.

The Heritage Lakes Community Association has been very active in providing programs for all members of the community. In partnership with the City of St. Albert, some of these events are now advertised throughout the City and are open to all residents of St. Albert.

Mission Statement
Our association strives to meet the needs of all residents by facilitating community development and providing programs to create a desirable neighbourhood.